Friday, February 12, 2010

To gray or not to gray...

It's not really a question. It just is. The question is more about hiding it... and let's face it. As a friend pointed out recently, "You tell everyone anyway! What's the big deal?" Exactly.

I guess I was late for everything except the gray hair. I got my first gray hair when I was 16 and have gained countless more since then. I got a big jump on it as a missionary and even more as a mother.

I was talking with Kurtis (baby bro) about this the other night. He is my going-gray cheerleader (Cory too... just picture them in those little skirts :)) and made the best point. He said that whenever you have the chance to be an example, you should embrace it and be an example. So wise. So far, all I have needed to do to be an example is let my hair grow and not color. There is much more to say, but I am going to take advantage of my kids napping and shower.