Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just changed the title of the blog to "Confessions of a Late Bloomer." That's me. I am such a weirdo. Really. I have never fit in where I should have. Most of my contemporaries just don't get me. Not that I'm not friendly with people. I think I make them a little uncomfortable.

I was single when most gals my age were married.

I was childless (and desperately did not want to be) when most in my association and my age group were mothers of multiple children.

I am married to a grad student when most married women my age have a husband a decade or so out of grad school.

The women with kids my kids' age are 10 years (or more) my junior.

I have really been blessed, though. I have great friends in varying phases. I find that the people I can truly call friends I would have been able to call friends whatever we might have in common.

I have struggled being a weirdo... a misfit. I italicize it more than I should, perhaps because I don't want it pointed out to me.

It's time to own being a weirdo.


  1. I love you, WEIRDO! :) You're one of my favorite weirdos. I'm a weirdo too.

  2. Glad to see you are embracing your weirdness - it has been what has made you 'special' and interesting. You came from weirdness so it is only right that you see it for the good it brings you.

    It allows you to associate and hold your own with all kinds of people - old or young, rich or poor, educated or not - you are who you are with all. For some it will be endearing and you will be blessed with eternal friendship; others will find it annoying and will exploit your weirdness or seek to demean you by pointing out your flaws. Those are the ones you smile at and move on, because you know what you are collecting along the path of life in experience and friendships are the things that will enrich you and help make you all you were intended to be - which is absolutely marvelous and spectacular.

    Besides that - being 10 years behind everyone else keeps you 10 years younger!

  3. You are surrounded by weirdos! My nickname in high school was "Weird" (as in How-weird) and my motto has always been "why be normal?". For me I needed to get to that point that I didn't care what everyone else thought. If you like me great...if you dont, your loss, because I'm a neat person. I think YOU ARE A NEAT PERSON!