Thursday, January 14, 2010


One of the fastest ways to appear crazy is to put on BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK--I'm talking 1960's red--in the middle of the day, with no other make-up on, while wearing sweatpants and a sloppy tee.

One of my best friends knows I've had a rough couple of weeks (years?) and gave me a sparkly little black and silver clutch filled with Lindor truffles, nail polish, BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK, and some lip gloss. She included a card with a drawing of a woman in a dress vaccuuming with a joke about us... that if we had to clean, at least we would have red lips doing it. I love the sentiment.

Actually doing it made me look a little nuts. My little Jacoby kept looking at me amused. To a 2-year old, when Mommy's lips look that red... well, somthing's up for sure.

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